The anger of Elon Musk’s mother after the publication of her son’s photo with the MMA fighter

The anger of Elon Musk’s mother after the publication of her son’s photo with the MMA fighter


Elon Musk Focus on improving your Twitter status on practicing with Georges St. Pierre, the mixed martial arts star has changed and recently shared a photo with his trainer; An action that the possibility of holding a fight between Mask And Mark Zuckerberg increases.

Saint Pierre Posting three smileys, he tweeted: “Great training session with three guys I really admire. The total IQ in this photo is 1000, which of course does not include me.”

Meanwhile, mother Elon Musk Publicly banned her son from fighting and reacted angrily to his recent attempts to practice fighting. In response to the published photo of his son next to the MMA coach, he wrote: “No! Hopefully it’s just for fun.”

Advocators MaskFans Zuckerberg And people who love the ridiculous prospect of a cage fight between two famous billionaires have responded to recent developments on the matter with a mix of confusing memes.

One user said on Twitter:Mask He stopped working on Twitter so he could focus on his fight.”

written by Futurismalthough the possible fight between Mask And Zuckerberg So far, it has attracted a lot of attention, but there are very few signs of serious negotiations for a real fight. Of course Dana WhiteThe head of the UFC announced that two billion celebrities are serious about doing a cage fight, and this fight will be held in the Vegas octagon.

Apparently Mask He ignored his mother’s initial requests and started his training. Individual He wrote: “I was very impressed with his strength and skill on his feet and on the ground. See Elon And mark “Doing martial arts seems really inspiring, but I think it would be much better if they just practice martial arts and not fight in a cage.”

Time will tell if the cage fight is a reality Mask And Zuckerberg Will it be held or not? Of course, the CEO of Tesla admitted that he needs a lot more training.


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