WATCH: World’s Largest 2 Meter Tall iPhone That Actually Works!

WATCH: World’s Largest 2 Meter Tall iPhone That Actually Works!


For many of us, using a smartphone with a large screen is very attractive. Programs such as social networks and photo and video editing tools perform better on large screens, and viewing content in larger dimensions is more enjoyable.

However, if you think that the dimensions of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max screen are too big, we should mention that a creative YouTuber has recently produced a very large example of the iPhone, which the iPhone 14 Pro Max does not look like at all.

Matthew Beam He has made a large iPhone with a height of about two meters, and all its features work like normal models; Of course, this is not a real iPhone device. fear In fact, the touch panel of the TV is connected to the Mac Mini and through the simulator, it displays all the programs and functions of the iPhone in much larger dimensions.

Everything works well on Matthew Beam’s giant iPhone, and even the buttons perform their functions properly. The famous YouTuber, MKBHD, visited this big iPhone, the video of which you can see below.


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