Watch: Turning the first generation Apple Watch into a mechanical watch

Apple Watch is a useful device because it offers features like health monitoring and more. Apple released its first generation smartwatch in 2015, and this wearable was ahead of its time. Anyway, now a creative person has decided to turn the first model of Apple Watch into a mechanical watch.

Video published on YouTube It shows the process of converting the first version of the Apple Watch into a mechanical watch. This YouTuber mentions using the steel version of Apple Watch in his video. The watch was working fine before the internals were disassembled, but the battery had taken a beating over the years.

When converting the Apple Watch to a mechanical watch, the user ensures that the function of the digital touch and the side button are preserved, although these features have a different function in the new version of the watch compared to the original model. How the components required for a mechanical watch are placed in the body of the Apple Watch is a little surprising.

The YouTuber also creates a cutout of the Apple logo on the back of the Apple Watch, which gives the product a great aesthetic and personality. However, it is very exciting to watch the process of transforming the Apple Watch into a mechanical watch.

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