Intel’s complicated nomenclature confuses buyers of 14th generation processors

based on what Video cards He writes, Intel uses the Core nomenclature for the Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake U Refresh series, and goes for the same old Core i nomenclature in the Raptor Lake-S Refresh and Raptor Lake-HX Refresh series.

Thus, Core Ultra 5/7/9 for Meteor Lake, Core 3/5/7 for Raptor Lake U will be refreshed, 14th Gen Core i Mobile for Raptor Lake HX will be refreshed, and 14th Gen Core i Desktop for Raptor Lake S will be refreshed.

Confirmation of the Raptor Lake refresh is an important event; Because Intel has actually confirmed the rumors and announced that it does not intend to release Meteor Lake for the desktop. This series will be limited to laptops and Intel wants to make the Raptor Lake refresh look like a 14th generation desktop processor.

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