Watch: The young man who solves the Rubik’s cube in just three seconds!

Watch: The young man who solves the Rubik’s cube in just three seconds!


Max Park Posting a video on YouTube, he proudly boasted of his victory in the Long Beach 2023 World Cube Association competition, solving the Rubik’s Cube in an incredible 3.13 seconds.

Batch Park They move so fast that it is impossible to follow them in the video. Park Almost immediately after starting to solve the Rubik’s cube, he completes it and knocks it to the ground so that the existing timer records his record.

to the writing of Futurism, Park By setting a new record in solving the Rubik’s cube, Yusheng Do beat China as he had previously solved the Rubik’s Cube in 2018 in just 3.47 seconds.

It is stated in the Guinness Book of World Records that parents Park After noticing signs of autism at a young age, he was introduced to the world of the Rubik’s cube to improve his motor skills.

Parents Park In addition to helping him develop his fine motor skills, his son has been participating in SpeedCube competitions and has now managed to achieve a remarkable victory.

Park It currently holds other world records for the fastest time to solve larger Rubik’s cubes, including 6x6x6, 5x5x5, and 7x7x7.

Breaking the speed of solving a Rubik’s cube is not something we see every day. about Park Breaking this stagnation is more attractive; Because he has been prone to autism since childhood.


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