Excellent registration of installment purchase of Fidelity without guarantor with mechanic

Finding a zero foreign car with a price of less than one billion tomans has become a dream. For this reason, some Chinese cars such as Fidelity, which are cheaper than other foreign cars, have recently become very popular.

Of course, the cash purchase of these cars is beyond the ability of many sections of the society, and when these people go to car leasing schemes to buy popular Chinese SUVs in installments, they face rigid and strange conditions that make them stop buying these cars. New installment plan with mechanics Change the game and using it you can buy Fidelity and other popular SUVs these days without warranty and with special conditions. In this article, you will learn more about this plan (this special plan will be implemented for a limited time until the end of July).

What are the benefits of Fidelity’s installment sales plan without guarantor?

As we said, almost all car leasing plans have strict conditions for buying cars above 1 billion Tomans, and one of these strict conditions is the introduction of at least one valid guarantor. Meanwhile, you do not need to introduce a guarantor in the special car installment plan with mechanics to buy Fidelity installments and other cars whose price is over 1.4 billion tomans.

Also, not needing a guarantor is not the only advantage of this special plan. In this installment plan, you can borrow up to one-third of the price of used foreign cars, which is not available in other car leasing plans. Currently, the price of Fidelity Prime for 7 people is about one billion and 700 million tomans, and a calculation and a thumb book will lead you to the conclusion that how much it costs to buy it in installments by depositing two-thirds of the total price as an advance payment.

In an overview, the benefits of Fidelity’s installment plan are as follows:

• Removal of the guarantor introduction condition

• The lowest amount of advance payment among all car leasing plans

• Ability to choose the number of installments based on your financial ability and between 6 and 36 months

• Validation in the shortest possible time and without involving you in administrative affairs

• 48 hour car delivery

• Registering the Shesdang document in your name from the very beginning

• The possibility of buying zero fidelity and expertly used with a 7-day warranty

• 2 to 3 months breathing between the advance payment and the start of installments

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