WATCH: Samsung’s new ad video encourages iPhone users to migrate to the Galaxy

If you have an iPhone and have recently decided to buy one of Samsung’s Galaxy phones, but are worried about losing your data and apps, the South Korean tech giant’s new promotional video will probably put your worries to rest.

With a creative style in its video, Samsung has done interesting personalization for iPhone apps like browser, gallery, message, etc. These programs talk to each other and talk about the possibility of changing the owner’s phone. Suddenly, the iPhone’s Wallet app receives a notification about the purchase of a Galaxy phone, and then we see the power of Samsung’s Smart Switch feature.

The Korean company shows how quickly and safely apps, photos and videos from the gallery, messages and even credit card information on the iPhone are transferred to the Galaxy phone. In the rest of the video, we see other features such as Samsung Knox and Smart Connect, each with a special tone. They provide explanations about their performance.

Next, you can watch Samsung’s interesting video, which was made with the aim of alleviating the worries of iPhone owners to migrate to Galaxy phones.

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