Elon Musk promised for the umpteenth time: Tesla will achieve fully automatic driving soon

Elon MuskTesla’s CEO has previously promised that his company will achieve fully autonomous driving next year, and now says that the feature will be available this year.

Mask In 2014, Tesla promised to achieve fully autonomous driving in one year (ie 2015) and has repeated this promise almost every year. Now, the famous billionaire once again announced with great seriousness during his hard drive at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference that the ability to drive automatically will be available soon.

Mask “I think we’re very close to being able to drive fully autonomously without human supervision, and we’ll probably achieve that later this year,” he said at the AI ​​World event.

Of course, driving automation Mask It refers to them as a bit dubious given the SAE standards. written by FuturismThese standards consider the levels of automated driving on a scale between zero and five. Thus, level five means that the car in question can move completely automatically without the need for a driver.

The experimental version of Tesla with the misleading name of Full Self-Driving has received the level two SAE standard and technically the driver must be alert at all times to take over the driving of the car if needed.

Thus the claim Mask It doesn’t make much sense that Tesla has left the SAE level 3 and will reach level 4 or even 5 this year.

It is important to note that the level four SAE standard considers the possibility of autonomous driving only for certain conditions or locations. On the other hand, level five of this standard means that the car in question is completely optimized for automatic driving in different conditions and on all the roads of the world; a level that no automobile company has even come close to.

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