Watch: Pixel Fold Autopsy; Google’s first foldable phone


The Pixel Fold is one of Google’s most sophisticated pieces of hardware, but what does it look like inside? The YouTube channel PBK Reviews has shared a video of the dissection of the Internet search giant’s foldable phone so that we can learn more about the internal parts of the device.

The frame of the Pixel Fold is attached to its body with glue, and therefore, to open the device, you must first heat these panels a little. Half of the body of the device contains components such as the triple camera, processor, RAM, storage memory, modem, speaker, USB-C port and of course the 1489 mAh battery. The second side of the phone hosts other parts such as the external display camera, vibration motor, SIM card slot and the second 3332 mAh battery.

The Pixel Fold doesn’t seem to have been built with repairability in mind. For example, the USB-C port is soldered to the motherboard and it will be very difficult to replace this part. PBK Reviews He didn’t even try to remove the foldable display of the phone, because there was a chance of damaging or breaking it.

Google has partnered with iFixit for the Pixel Fold’s repairability capabilities, and an official parts store for the device is likely to be launched soon.

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