Apple may be making a MacBook with a foldable display

Apple may be making a MacBook with a foldable display


Asus has been the true pioneer of laptops equipped with folding screens with the Zenbook Fold series, but it seems that the competition in this field will become more serious in the future.

According to some Korean sources, Apple is working on a new laptop with a folding screen. Apparently, this company has entered into negotiations with some suppliers for the release of a MacBook equipped with a folding screen, and the production of such a product can increase the growth rate of devices equipped with a folding screen.

Apple’s foldable screen laptop will be introduced in 2025 and released in 2026. Samsung Display and LG Display have recently invested heavily in OLED panels for laptops, as the smartphone market has almost reached saturation point. Both companies are preparing their plans to develop and produce foldable OLED laptop panels.

The order from Apple will definitely have a big impact on the small and nascent market for folding laptop panels. written by Korean businessLarger folding panels will be more profitable for the manufacturers of these products, and of course, achieving the perfect pixel density becomes more difficult as the dimensions of the panels get bigger.


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