Unstable commitment and perspective; The leader of Google’s augmented reality software team left the company

Mark Lakowski, the former head of operating systems in Google’s augmented reality team, has left the company. He tweeted that “changes in the leadership of the augmented reality team and Google’s unsustainable commitment and vision” prompted him to leave the American tech giant.

According to VergeLakowski’s departure adds to the challenges facing Google’s augmented reality team. In recent months, this team has faced layoffs and the resignation of Google’s former head of virtual reality.

Last month, an unconfirmed report claimed that Google had canceled its augmented reality glasses program, codenamed Project Iris. The company also stopped producing the enterprise version of Google Glass.

Lakowski worked at Facebook for four years and served as the general manager of the virtual reality team Akiols. He joined Google in 2021 to lead Google’s augmented reality operating system team.

Lakowski says on Twitter that he is looking for new career opportunities to further advance augmented reality technology and focus on the intersection of this technology with generative artificial intelligence.

With the unveiling of Apple Vision Pro and the imminent release of Meta Quest 3, the competition in the market of augmented reality products has reached its highest level; However, Google wants to develop augmented reality software instead of building physical products.

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