Twitter CEO: Our platform experienced its best days last week

Twitter CEO: Our platform experienced its best days last week


Linda YacarinoThe CEO of Twitter announced in a tweet yesterday that despite the hype created about the new Trades Meta program, Twitter has experienced the highest amount of use last week.

Yacarino Mentioning the name of Meta’s new social application that was launched a few days ago and created a lot of noise in the internet space, he tried his best to talk about Twitter. “Twitter really outdid itself,” he said. “Last week, we experienced the highest daily usage.”

As Digital Trends It points to, Yacarino He took over as CEO of Twitter last month after leaving his role as head of advertising at NBCUniversal. He did not provide any details on what the best Twitter day was based on, of course Elon Muskthe owner of Twitter talked about how much time users spend in a day and how bright the smartphone screen is.

Twitter’s CEO’s claim comes as Twitter has grown stronger every day since its initial launch. According to one of the tracking websites, the new Meta platform, which Twitter accused of copying, gained more than 10 million users on the first day and crossed the 100 million mark in just five days. This figure is almost equivalent to a third of the number of Twitter users, and of course, it cannot be said whether such a staggering growth will continue at the same rate or not.

Mark ZuckerbergMeta’s CEO said in a post on Threads that he believes Twitter is lagging behind because of negligence on offensive content.

Zuckerberg “The goal is to keep the platform as a friendly community while expanding Tradeds,” he says. In my opinion, such work is possible and will be the key to success in the end. This is one of the reasons that has prevented Twitter from being successful, and we want to do it in a different way.”


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