Tredes’ powerful start; The number of Threads users crossed the 30 million mark overnight


Mark ZuckerbergThe CEO of Meta, in a statement, says that the number of Trades users exceeded 30 million just 16 hours after the start of this social network. As of Thursday morning US time, Trades became the top free app in the iPhone App Store.

Trendz is the direct answer of meta to Twitter; A social network that has always been on the sidelines due to its huge changes in recent months and a number of users have distanced themselves from it.

Twitter imposed strange restrictions on Saturday this week, but a few hours before the start of Trades, we saw the cancellation of one of the restrictions (the requirement to have an account to view tweets).

In recent months, the number of Twitter competitors has increased; However, none of these services such as Mastodon and Bluesky have been able to reach the popularity of Instagram Threads.

Trades have an easier job of attracting an audience; Because it is heavily dependent on Instagram and has the support of Meta behind it. Without having an Instagram account, it is not possible to log in to Trades.

According to CNBC,Treads needs more features to compete with Twitter. One of the biggest shortcomings of Trades is the lack of a direct section. In this way, in the current version of Trades, you cannot participate in two-person or multiplayer conversations, and everything will be publicly visible.

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