Training on how to fix the graphic card update problem

Turn off your antivirus

Windows Defender or any third-party antivirus software helps us detect viruses before they cause damage to our devices. However, there are times when these services do not allow even safe processes to run completely and consider them as a threat.

For this, you need to make sure that Windows Defender or the antivirus installed on the system do not interfere with the installation of drivers, and disabling them is the best way to avoid errors in this area. If you don’t know how to disable Windows Defender, we have already provided the necessary training in the articles on how to disable Windows 10 antivirus and how to disable Windows 11 antivirus.

Also, to disable third-party antiviruses, you can refer to their manufacturer’s site for more guidance. After disabling your antivirus, try to install the drivers again and if an error occurs, stay with us for the rest of the tutorial.

Make sure Windows is updated to the latest version

An outdated version of the Windows operating system can also affect the correct performance of drivers, just like the outdated version of Nvidia’s software such as GeForce Experience. In order to avoid this factor, by going to the Windows 10 and 11 settings and in the Windows Update section, regularly check that Windows is up-to-date.

The compatibility of the downloaded driver with the graphics card

It is impossible to download any Nvidia driver from any site and expect it to install. Some Nvidia graphics cards are optimized for gaming and others for engineering and rendering, so each graphics card has its own driver.

It should be noted that the incompatibility problem usually occurs when manually downloading the graphics card driver, because the GeForce Experience program automatically downloads the most suitable version for your card; Therefore, before downloading the driver, make sure of the version of your graphics card.

Uninstall and reinstall GeForce Experience software

Software malfunctions can also cause errors in installing graphic card updates. If your problem is still not resolved, try uninstalling GeForce Experience and reinstalling the latest version.

The point that you should pay attention to in doing this process is to completely delete the files of the previous version. For this, you can delete the contents of the following folders manually.

Do not install the latest update

Sometimes it happens that the latest graphic card update is associated with internal problems and even the manufacturer is not aware of it. If you failed to update the Nvidia graphics card driver by trying the other methods mentioned in this tutorial, and your driver version is the previous version of the latest update, you have no choice but to wait to fix the problem.

But if by installing a version earlier than the latest version, the graphics card driver is still updated to a newer version than the current version, it is better to download it and install it on your system. This will probably also solve the problems with the implementation of new support for many games.

Why is the AMD graphics card not updated?

Installing or updating the AMD graphics card driver, like Nvidia, may face many problems. For example, it sometimes happens that after running the installation file, the program faces a problem in identifying the graphics card or gets stuck on the message “Please wait”. It may also get stuck on different percentages during the installation process and cause the system to freeze.

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