5 former employees of “Masterbist” talk about the experience of working with the most famous YouTuber in the world

The range of jobs required by Masterbist for his company ranges from highly specialized items such as thumbnail designers (i.e. the small images that describe the content of a YouTube video in the most attractive way possible for users) to simple titles such as people. It includes creative.

Business Insider interviewed 17 current and former employees of famous YouTube stars, five of whom worked for Masterbeast. They described days filled with unimaginable stunts, disproportionate and unbalanced working hours, and unequal pay. For many of these people, this job has become a lifelong job.

“You’re going to have days in this job where things go wrong,” Carter said of his role working for Masterbeast. You work very hard and put yourself to the test to make something happen; But the next day, you’re doing so many incredible stunts and things and you’re so happy that you forget all those hard hours and days.”

Masterbeast’s influence on YouTube

Masterbist is his real name Jamie Donaldson has popularized a new way of producing content that focuses on performing amazing stunts and challenges. Sometimes they even go straight into their pockets for this and give people thousands of dollars in cash prizes.

In this way, Donaldson has created a phenomenon that one of the fellow YouTubers called it YouTube mastering is called

Jimmy Donaldson in Greenville, the city where he grew up and where he now runs his company is based. Many of his employees are involved full-time in the production and preparation of the videos. The Washington Post reported this month that the company owns five homes in a Greenville neighborhood that have been earmarked to house Donaldson’s friends and employees.

Of three of the five former employees of this company who In an interview with Business Insider Participants were asked to be transferred to Greenville to work in person and full-time; while the other two could still work remotely. Also, two full-time employees said that the company provided them with the housing they needed.

Mark KaplanOne of the company’s telecommuters, who worked with them for seven months as a production coordinator, says he rarely worked more than eight hours a day; While others, including Carter, found themselves spending more than 40 hours a week at work.

“It’s 100 percent addicting to try out this way of living and working,” says Carter. Carter described other difficult tasks assigned to him; Like when Donaldson requested a special circus tent painted pink and blue, the colors of the Masterbeast logo, for one of the videos.

“Jimmy had seen a photo of this circus tent on the Internet and it caught his eye,” Carter said. We were at a point in the production process where we didn’t have enough time to order a tent to that specification; Therefore, I was assigned the task of finding out who the owner of that particular tent is, exactly where it is, to go find him and buy the tent from him.”

The employees who participated in this interview believe that working with Masterbeast means pushing the boundaries of what a YouTube video can achieve.

Donaldson is also known for deleting his videos. If he is not satisfied with the result of the work, regardless of the time and money he spent on making the videos, he will not hesitate to delete them.

“Everyone knew the company’s mission was to make the best video possible,” Carter said. This principle came before everything else and that was always our goal. “If there was something that could make the video better, we would immediately put it into our production process.”

Another former Masterbeast employee who worked for him as a producer said that in order to produce a video of Jimmy and his friends driving small cars through the streets of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, we had to negotiate with the Japanese government to get permission to film around the famous crossing. Shibuya in Tokyo.

“What I was able to do for the team in such a short period of time and in Japan, which has a lot of strict rules, was really crazy,” says the person. When you have that attitude, many doors will open for you.”

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