Trades has been unveiled, but it is a filter for us

Trades has been unveiled, but it is a filter for us


Threads, a text-based application of Meta and Twitter’s competitor, was made available as promised, but for users inside Iran, this social network, like Instagram and WhatsApp, is a filter for the other two Meta applications.

After the changes made by Elon Musk in Twitter, many Twitter users became reluctant to use this program and looked for alternative social networks. Recognizing that there was room for competition, Meta also unveiled Tezdz, a service tailored to those who are busy using Instagram.

Just two hours after Trades went public, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network had more than two million users, and four hours later, the number of users reached five million.

However, users inside Iran, who are used to being filtered by popular social networks, must use VPNs and filter breakers to access Meta’s new product. Just as Instagram and WhatsApp filtering did not prevent their presence in this social network, it is possible that Treads, which has not been filtered, will be the next popular social network for users inside Iran.


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