Official renders of Samsung’s next foldable phones have been revealed


The foldable phone market is heating up in 2023, especially in the United States as Google and a few other companies have recently joined the fold. Now, for the first time, Samsung has faced more intense competition in this market and plans to unveil Galaxy Zfold 5 and Galaxy Zflip 5 soon. So far, many renders of the two mentioned phones have been revealed and now we can have a look at their official renders.

Galaxy Zfold 5 is very similar to Zfold 4. The LED flash of this device has been moved from the bottom of the rear cameras to their side edge. Of course, this year, Samsung has used a completely new hinge system with a water drop design in the construction of this product, which is very similar to the hinge system of some other brands of folding phones. The teardrop hinge usually helps to reduce the crease in the middle of the folding screen of these products.

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