This seemingly simple factor knocks down the ultra-advanced Apple Vision Pro headset

Last week, Spotify criticized Apple’s move to charge fees, saying:

Apple has shown that it will not give up the profit that comes to the company through the developers and consumers of the applications.

Ambiguous future of Vision Pro against the cost of application development

Some developers do not want to build a dedicated application because they are not sure of the success of Vision Pro; Because creating separate versions of the app, especially for the new and exclusive visionOS operating system, can be very expensive and not everyone is willing to accept the risk.

Incompatibility of Vision Pro features with gaming apps

Some developers are skeptical about the compatibility of Apple’s mixed reality headset environment and their app; Because Vision Pro is designed based on hand and eye movements, and some games need to be played with VR controllers to provide better performance. Also, how the Vision Pro will track hand and eye movements is still shrouded in mystery, and no one knows exactly how this headset works.

No one is sure about the performance of Vision Pro’s hand and eye tracking

While eye and hand tracking on the headset sounds like an exciting and innovative feature, it’s not compatible with some popular VR games like Assassin’s Creed and Asgard’s Wrath 2 that work with a VR controller, which is disappointing news for gamers.

Of course, Apple supports Xbox and PlayStation controllers, but gamers and developers prefer motion-based handheld controllers; Something Apple disagrees with.

Apple’s failed experience in providing apps

Providing different applications for Apple TV and smart watch was not very successful and Apple did not come out of this test proudly; For this reason, developers prefer to see the success of Vision Pro with their own eyes first, and then develop a dedicated app.

Developers liken the Apple Watch App Store environment to a “ghost town.”

Some developers who have designed apps for Apple TV, iMessage and Apple Watch now liken the App Store to a ghost town because there is no support for their own apps.

Although the Apple Watch is a successful product, it is not a suitable platform for peripheral apps. Apps like X, Uber, Slack and Facebook initially designed a dedicated app for the Apple Smart Watch and after a failed experience, they removed them from the Apple Watch App Store.

Low inventory and astronomical price

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