The level of underground water is facing a significant decrease in almost all parts of Iran

One of the common correlations that the researchers identified was the change in the amount of rain or snow in the regions. In 80% of aquifers where groundwater depletion has accelerated, rainfall has also decreased over the 40-year period.

The reasons for improving the groundwater level in different regions are different. In some places, such as Bangkok and the Coachella Valley in California, governments have enacted regulations and programs to reduce groundwater use. In others, such as several parts of the southwestern United States, communities are diverting more water from rivers rather than relying on aquifers.

Iran is one of the main centers of groundwater level reduction in the world

In Arizona’s Avra ​​Valley, officials are actively feeding their aquifers with water from the Colorado River. In Spain, water managers feed Los Arenales aquifers using a combination of river water, recycled sewage and runoff from rooftops. Also, despite the fact that Iran is considered one of the centers of significant reduction of underground water levels in the world, the process of water reduction in the Abbas plain basin in the southeast of Ilam, which started at the end of the 20th century, was reversed by directing water to the basin from the Karkheh dam.

Donald John McAllister, a hydrologist at the British Geological Survey and one of the reviewers of the paper, says that the valuable contribution of this research is to identify local differences; Where data from wells on the ground differs from the larger regional trends that satellites can detect.

“What we often hear is that groundwater depletion is happening everywhere,” McAllister adds. While the real picture is much more subtle than that. “We have to learn from places where things are maybe a little more optimistic.”

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