These Poco phones do not receive Android 15

These Poco phones do not receive Android 15

The first preview of the latest version of the Android operating system has just been released. In addition to a more attractive appearance, Android 15 brings many changes in different parts of the device.

Among the different models of Poco phones, many of them will not receive the Android 15 update. This is largely due to Xiaomi’s irregularity in providing software updates for various Xiaomi phones and tablets.

List of Poco phones that do not receive Android 15

Currently, Xiaomi has not released the official list of different Poco phone models that will not receive Android 15. However, based on some of Xiaomi’s official announcements about the number of Android updates for various products, the following models are likely to be among the Poco phones that will not be updated to Android 15:

In addition to the aforementioned models, it is likely that many Poco phone models with a release date of 2021 or earlier will not receive Android 15.

Note that this list is not official and Xiaomi may release Android 15 for some models in this list or older Poco phones.

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It is a pity that probably many of the best budget phones and the best mid-range phones of Xiaomi, including the various models of the Poco series, are not able to receive several versions of the annual Android updates. This issue greatly affects the purchase value of these phones and exposes the device to security threats and hardware problems.

In addition to security improvements to prevent malware from penetrating devices, Android 15 makes many changes in various parts of the device, including the possibility of better customization and optimization of battery consumption and processing parts and things like that.

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