The cause of our universe’s expansion may be its merger with the baby worlds

The cause of our universe’s expansion may be its merger with the baby worlds

Swallowing cosmic babies

Although the idea of ​​multiple interacting universes is not a new hypothesis, the new research provides a mathematical model to investigate the hypothesized effect of this merger on the evolution of the universe. The calculations of the researchers show that the merger of the world with other worlds has been the possible cause of the size of our world today, which appears to be expansion from the perspective of our instruments.

Scientists also used their theory to calculate the expansion rate of the universe, and their calculations were more consistent with observations than the standard cosmological model.

The authors also emphasize the theory of cosmic expansion, or the super-fast and mysterious expansion that occurred in the first moments of the universe. Physicists have suggested in the past that the cause of this expansion is “inflation” or a hypothetical field that led to super-fast expansion a few milliseconds after the Big Bang; But the authors in the new research show that the cause of this ultra-fast expansion is probably our young universe, which has fallen into the trap of a larger universe.

The fact that the universe expanded in a very short moment shows that the cause of this expansion was the collision with a larger universe. In fact, it is our universe that has been absorbed into a larger parent universe. Since we currently have no precise definition of this absorption process, we cannot say whether this scenario can solve the problems of inflation theory or not, but one of its attractive aspects is that it no longer needs an inflation field.

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Scientists believe that after the absorption process, our expanding universe continued to collide with the infant worlds. Although this theory offers the possibility of solving some important problems of modern cosmology, only objective data can confirm it. Many experiments are dedicated to investigating the properties of the cosmic background radiation, so scientists may be able to answer some of these fundamental questions in the near future. According to Yoshiyuki Watabiki, a physicist at the Tokyo Institute of Technology:

The expansion of the universe beyond expectation is quite different from the predictions of the standard model. We believe that observations from the Euclid Telescope and the James Webb Telescope will determine which model best describes the current expansion of our Universe.

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