The working group to deal with the slowness of the Internet started working

It was last week that Ebrahim Raisi ordered the formation of a working group consisting of representatives from the National Center for Cyberspace and the Ministry of Communications to follow up on the issue of slow internet speed and people’s complaints in this regard.

The members of this working group were obliged to present the results of this investigation and the solutions to solve people’s concerns in this field by the next month at the latest. Now, Amir Doharian, the spokesman and deputy for legal and parliamentary affairs of the National Center for Virtual Space, has announced that this working group has been formed and has started working.

According to Doharian, the responsibility of this working group rests with the National Cyberspace Center and its members are a number of real members of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, a number of managers and experts of the National Center of Cyberspace and a number of colleagues of the Ministry of Communications.

In this regard, he told the news agency stamp He said: “Besides the reports that are given about the improvement of the internet situation or the development of infrastructure and network in the country, but the user and especially the businesses should not have any problem in using the internet, as all the different aspects of life are connected to this space; This matter is also the president’s concern.”

He added that despite this concern, the president has ordered that, along with the reports on the development of the network and technical developments in this area, a working group to examine the general view of users and businesses on the state of the Internet and how to use it. and its quality, both speed and quality, and be able to prepare a report in this field for the Supreme Council of Cyberspace.

He explained the purpose of preparing these reports as follows: “In this way, we find out whether there is a difference or a problem between the reports that are given about the state of the Internet and the reality that people and users understand about this issue; Where exactly is this problem and with what decisions and reforms, both technical reforms and process reforms, will the problem be solved for the people.”

Stating that the mechanism for investigating this matter should be determined in this working group, the deputy legal and parliamentary affairs in the National Center for Cyberspace said about the possible way of working of this working group: “These reports are probably in the form of direct and indirect surveys of businesses and the public. People, technical reports are prepared from relevant centers in the country in the operators and the Ministry of Communications and in a way that the group recognizes.”

Doharian believes that this working group can be effective in solving problems related to the Internet: “We can provide a space where the use of the Internet and doing daily business-related tasks in this space will not be slow and difficult.”

Although Ibrahim had obliged this working group to present the results of investigations and solutions to solve internet slowness problems within the next month, the spokesperson of the National Center for Virtual Space has stated that “there is no specific time in the resolution, but this working group will submit these reports in the shortest possible time.” prepares and as soon as it is prepared, it will be submitted to the order of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space.

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