Establishment of the first capital market basic metals investment fund with the symbol “Steel”

The Basic Metals Fund was established by Sabdaghdar Mofid and is considered a type of ETF investment fund.

The basic metals industry is the second largest capital market industry with 16.2% of the total market value, and the companies in this industry mainly have fundamental and valuable shares. This industry includes 26 stock exchange symbols and 23 over-the-counter symbols.

Useful steel box According to the law, at least 70% of the assets under its management are allocated to shares and preemptive rights of shares in the basic metals industry, and a maximum of 30% to other industries and the rest to other sectors such as gold, securities, bonds, etc.

Mofid Basketmaker, which has been a pioneer in launching ETF investment funds and issuing and canceling them, has now established its first sector investment fund. Sector funds are a type of investment funds that focus on stocks belonging to a specific industry. These funds are usually classified as exchange-traded funds or ETFs.

By subscription Partial fund “Steel”, capital market activists, besides investing in various useful funds, also invest in the field of basic metals.

It is possible for investors to submit their purchase request offline in Erbis EasyTrader system register

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