The US House of Representatives has severely restricted the use of ChatGPT


A few hours ago, the US House of Representatives approved new rules for how Congressional offices can use ChatGPT. According to the new rules, US parliamentarians are currently not allowed to use any chatbot other than ChatGPT; Of course, the use of ChatGPT is limited.

According to VergeUS legislators and congressional staff are only allowed to use the ChatGPT Plus service, which is a subscription version of ChatGPT and has more privacy features.

Congressional offices should only use ChatGPT Plus for “research and evaluation,” provided privacy features are enabled. Also, US House staff are prohibited from entering any text that has not already been made public.

A number of private companies, including Samsung and Apple, have completely banned or greatly limited the use of artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT. These companies are worried that confidential information will be leaked through these AI-based tools.

The statement of the US House of Representatives is published a few days ago Chuck SchumerNew York’s Democratic Senator and Senate Majority Leader urged Congress to quickly pass new laws related to the artificial intelligence industry. He also said that the US Congress, in its investigations, has focused on the dangers of artificial intelligence for national security and the loss of jobs.

Lawmakers in the US Senate and House of Representatives have introduced various bills this year to regulate the AI ​​industry.


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