iPhone 15 is getting ready for a “strong start” in the market

iPhone 15 is getting ready for a “strong start” in the market


Company DSCC which operates in the display industry, says in an exclusive report that the volume of orders for iPhone 15 panels in June (June and July) this year is expected to be “100% higher” than the orders for iPhone 14 panels in June last year. This clearly shows that Apple has anticipated high demand for the iPhone 15 series.

DSCC says that in the iPhone 15 family, compared to the iPhone 14, a higher percentage of the displays ordered are related to the Pro models. Apparently, the share of iPhone 15 Pro models in this month is 58%; While the share of iPhone 14 Pro models reached 43%.

Last year, various media outlets claimed that demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max was much higher than Apple expected. Apple will unveil the iPhone 15 series phones at the end of September. Contradictory rumors report an increase in the price of phones of this family.


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