The strangest paintings in the world; From the innocent Pope to the mad dog


Usually, even in public media, you are unlikely to see a picture of the Pope screaming. However, Francis Bacon, a contemporary artist, has created this interesting image for us. In the 1950s, Bacon recreated the portrait of Pope Innocent Ten by Diego Velazquez, a famous Baroque painter.

Bacon made several reproductions of this famous portrait. He usually combined images from different situations. For this strange painting, he took elements of Velázquez’s painting, such as the gilded throne, his sitting position, and formal dress, and combined these images with a scream from Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 film The Battle of Potemkin. The soul-like and dramatic mood that Bacon added to Pope Tenth’s work led to the creation of a completely new work.

This strange painting is recognized as one of the best works of Pop Bacon’s collection, but the reason for its creation was unknown for some time. For most people, Bacon’s painting is a mystery. Unlike Velázquez’s pop painting, which has a formal and calm mood, Bacon’s pop has lost control. His bluish-purple face represents a tool of distress. Pop Bacon clings to the chair as if attached to the golden ropes that extend under the chair, and these ropes seem to keep him in the chair. These lines look like the ring of a boxing ring, which represents the inner and eternal conflict of man.

Medusa, by Caravaggio

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