The payment app was also removed from Google Play

The payment app was also removed from Google Play


According to AAP’s public relations report, Google has removed the AAP application from Google Play due to the US sanctions against Iran and citing Article 16.5 of the developer rules. This issue has been announced to the App company through email, and it is not possible to access the account of this application in Google Play.

With tens of millions of active users and installed on Google Play, App is the oldest and most popular paid application in the country.

Arman Farajzadeh, the chief executive officer of App, says about the removal of this application from Google Play: “The harm of this model of events is generally on the side of the users. Because there is always a need for applications like App. Therefore, users are forced to download the application from other sources. On the other hand, some users may not want to use internal stores to download the application and get it from unknown sources. This issue also entails its own risks due to the field of activity of AAP, which is the fintech and financial industry.”

According to Arman Farajzadeh, Up’s legal team is pursuing this matter so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

Although in the fall of last year, the US Department of Treasury canceled some technology and internet sanctions against Iranian users, but it seems that the new wave of removing Iranian applications from Google Play due to the sanctions has once again plagued Iranian businesses and startups.

This is not the first time that Google removes Iranian applications from Google Play, and it probably won’t be the last time either. This is what Google does once in a while to successful Iranian businesses, and now it’s the turn of Up, Divar, Tapsi and Digikala.


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