The second national digital transformation conference will be held

Mozhgan Ghasemi Ermaki, executive secretary of the second national digital transformation conference, announced this news about the goals of this event and said: improving and promoting performance in the digital realm, improving knowledge and skills of digital leadership, providing superior experiences of digital technologies in businesses, the triple goals of the second event. National digital transformation.

Referring to the first national conference on digital transformation that was held in March last year, he emphasized: We tried to make the second national conference on digital transformation grow and develop from a quantitative and qualitative point of view compared to the first period, therefore planning to hold side workshops simultaneously with the conference and Also, the introduction of digital readiness evaluation award in production and service industries is on the agenda of this course.

Ghasemi Ermaki explained the axes of this period of the national digital transformation conference and clarified: governance of the digital ecosystem, development of digital culture capabilities, development of the digital value creation network, drawing the future of the industry in digital transformation, digital leaders and managers of the next generation, approaches and models The digital ecosystem, the competencies of human capital in digitization, solutions to improve the digital experience of key stakeholders, digital investment management (human, technical and equipment) and the role of facilitators and developers in digitization are among the axes of this conference.

In the end, the executive secretary of the second national digital transformation conference stated: 30 faculty members of universities and scientific societies were present in the meetings of this course, and more than 40 organizations cooperate with this conference.

It should be mentioned that the second national conference of digital transformation is organized by the Iranian Management Association. The deadline for sending articles is until July 3, and those interested in participating in this conference have until July 18 to register through 02188210850 and 02186051464.

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