G Plus QMLED TV; Cinema experience at home


Today, television is no longer just an electronic device; Rather, it has stepped beyond the boundaries and, as a work of art, a stunning painting, an amazing design or a magical frame, it allows us to enter a world of unique images and sounds. For this reason, special importance has been given to it, and despite the ever-increasing development of technology, new televisions always invite us to a better viewing experience by improving the quality of the image and sound.

In this field, G Plus uses two technologies, Mini LED and QLED, its new televisions called TV QMLED G Plus has launched on the market. This TV with its 75-inch screen and unique image quality offers an experience similar to watching your favorite movie in the cinema.

Using Mini LED technology, this TV has been able to offer a deeper black than normal TVs. Also, the support of billions of color spectrums and impressive contrast has made G Plus QMLED TV to provide unique images with remarkable color resolution.

Deep black color and impressive contrast

Imagine you are watching your favorite movie and at the moment when the main character of the story enters the dark tunnel after hearing a terrible sound, the image becomes so dark and confusing that you do not understand the pleasure of watching that exciting scene as you should.

Today, display technology is constantly evolving, and the world’s top brands try to bring a more enjoyable experience to Armaghan users with the advancement of the technologies used in television.

J Plus, one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in Iran, is trying to bring the latest technologies to its customers. For this purpose, by combining two Mini LED and QLED technologies, it offers users deeper black and more contrast in addition to supporting billions of color spectrums, in the frame of its 75-inch QMLED TVs.

Now, what is Mini LED and how does its combination with QLED technology contribute to deeper blackness and the experience of watching high-quality and clearer images?

In general, the backlight is the main part of LCD TVs. In fact, the image created on the device panel needs a light source to be seen, and this backlight in the TV is called “backlight”.

Mini LED technology controls more areas of the screen due to the use of thousands of smaller LEDs. This means that it turns off the LEDs in the dark parts of the image so that users can see deeper blacks.

In simpler terms, the backlight shines the necessary light from the back of the panel so that the images and colors of the panel can be seen. In a TV backlight, the bigger the LEDs are, the more you look at the TV and notice that the picture darkens and the LEDs turn off, and this may distract you, or you may see a bright shadow around the image when displaying a bright subject on a dark background.

The use of QLED technology along with Mini LED has caused more and more accurate colors to be produced and the brightness of the screen to be increased by placing a thin crystal semiconductor sheet on the backlight. In fact, QLED technology using quantum dot particles helps produce more colors, better viewing angles and deeper blacks.

Smart TV with Android 11 operating system

With smart TV J Plusyou can access various internet services and programs and easily connect your TV to other devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

In addition to the regular remote, this TV has a smart remote that you can use as a mouse. Other advantages of G Plus smart TV include:

  • 16 GB of storage memory
  • Quick Mirror function of smartphones on TV
  • Ability to connect to audio equipment such as headphones and soundbar using Bluetooth

G Plus TV; Part of your home decoration

The 75-inch G Plus TV evokes a luxurious and modern look as a part of the home decoration with its large and frameless screen. J Plus has tried to combine elegance and powerful technology in this TV, in addition to improving the viewing experience of the audience, it offers you an attractive and stylish appearance.

Buy with confidence!

Finally, it should be said that Goldiran is always trying to provide its products with stunning quality to users. For this purpose, GPlus QMLED TV will be available to those interested with 24 months Goldiraan warranty and 1 year insurance against breakage and water damage.

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