The scariest and funniest artificial intelligence failures in illustration


These days, some in the tech audience complain that artificial intelligence is being talked about too much, but the reality is that artificial intelligence is not something to be forgotten or left out of the discussion. As someone who closely follows the news and the progress of technology, we have no choice but to consider this segment as an informative entertainment and understand every time what ideas are created with Midgerny or other artificial intelligence image generation tools, how successful their implementation is. How much has AI progressed in correcting its bugs, etc. Therefore, along with visual pleasure, we can find things that increase our sharpness and accuracy.

In this shutter, we will review a number of strange and funny illustrations of artificial intelligence; A face of artificial intelligence that makes us not look so scary and all-rounder anymore.

Of course, some of these images make us understand more the importance of professional prompt writing to produce high-quality images with artificial intelligence.

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