Pixel Fold took the top ranking of DXOMark displays!

Pixel Fold took the top ranking of DXOMark displays!


Less than two months have passed since the release of the first Google Pixel Fold phone. This product has received wide reactions and we at Zomit have tried to quickly cover the specifications, news and details surrounding this attractive and new folding device. Now, the scores related to the screen, sound quality and camera of this $1,800 Google phone have also been published from the point of view of the DXOMark benchmark site, and apparently, Google’s first experience in making foldable phones has brought good results.

Dexomark is one of the well-known sites in the field of testing and rating phones and has reviewed the Pixel Fold in three parts. First, we go to the screen. The Pixel Fold seems to be the best foldable available in terms of screen quality, as it ranks first on the Dexomark site with a score of 151; While the Samsung Z Fold 4 got 133 points. In terms of color contrast and brightness, the Pixel Fold phone screen provides the viewer with a good experience in HDR10 format video playback. It is also said that the color management of this phone is very good; So that it produces accurate and stable colors in the display of static and dynamic content. Of course, these features are mentioned about the internal display.

Another thing that is addressed in this review is the completely uniform performance of the display; In such a way that jumping, lag, distortion and any disturbances that are seen in some screens, especially when showing movies or playing games, have not been seen in Piscal Fold’s screen. But according to Dexomark’s report, sometimes there is a significant delay between the left and right sides of the screen, which makes the image a little crooked. This issue exists in other folding phones to some extent.

The Pixel Fold’s internal display with a brightness of 1430 nits is the brightest among other foldables. In environments with a lot of light, its fold line can be clearly recognized. Of course, this may not be considered a defect for a foldable phone; But as a point it must be said.

When the phone is opened less than 30 degrees; The change seen in the color of the images is very limited. At an angle of 60 degrees, it produces 75% of the brightness compared to the flat position, and at a position of 90 degrees, images can be seen with good quality. Therefore, Pixel Fold provides the user with the best viewing experience from different angles.

One of the strengths of all Pixel phones is having a powerful camera, and this advantage has been transferred to the Pixel Fold. The website Dexomark gave a very good score of 133 in its test for the Pixel Fold camera and placed it in the 28th place. This is while the Z Fold 4 phone has scored 124 points with the 55th rank. At first glance, the Pixel Fold camera may not be as attractive as some flagship phones in the market; But it should be noted that it is the folding feature of this phone that attracts our attention, not its camera.

The Pixel Fold camera performs very well in terms of automatic zoom and zooms with high precision most of the time, even in poor lighting conditions. Photos and videos taken with this camera show its high dynamic range. In addition, the contrast of colors in HDR mode is beautifully rendered; For example, in a situation where there is a high exposure in the background, the camera controls the incoming light well. In terms of bokeh and image blurring, it shows a weaker performance and the amount of noise increases when shooting in low light and at night. On the other hand, there is some instability in the exposure control and white balance in video recording mode. But in general, the Pixel Fold camera performs well for recording horizontal images in all conditions.

In terms of sound quality, the review conducted by Dexomark ranks the Pixel Fold 38th among the phones in the world with a score of 133. According to this report, the sound reproduction score from the speakers is 135, and this is the best number obtained among foldables to date.

Dexomark says:

In the audio recording mode, the best quality is when the phone is folded and the video is recorded with the front camera. But when the phone is opened and a video is taken with the main camera, its performance drops a bit. The same loss of quality happens when using the recorder application.

Regarding the recording and playback of 3D sound, no different performance of the phone was observed. Although, due to the large dimensions of the Pixel Fold in the unfolded state, it was expected to produce stereo sound with a higher quality. Dexomark adds this phone to the list of foldables that have failed to use their physical form as a strength to produce better sound.

In any case, the Google Pixel Fold phone has been able to create new benchmarks among foldable phones. To be honest; There has not yet been an amazing and special innovation in the production of foldable phones. On the other hand, according to the news that some Pixel Fold phones are broken, there are still concerns about this. What do you think about it?


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