The processing power of the Google Pixel 7a will probably disappoint users

The processing power of the Google Pixel 7a will probably disappoint users


Pixel 7a is the latest product of the Google Pixel 7 series, which is actually known as a mid-range phone. By removing or weakening some of the features and specifications of the Pixel 7a, the internet search giant made this product the most economical model of the Pixel 7 series. The said device is said to use the same chip as its more expensive brothers, and now more details about the processor of this product are available.

written by GizmochinaThe Pixel 7a’s Tensor G2 chip is different from the standard Pixel 7 or Pro processor. Google’s new mid-range phone is probably equipped with a weakened version of the Tensor G2, which is less powerful. Although the chip name of all three versions of the Pixel 7 is the same, Google apparently used the more affordable version of this system-on-chip to reduce the price of the Pixel 7a.

Samsung cooperates with Google in the production of the Tensor G2 chip and even played a role in the development of the first generation of this system-on-a-chip. This processor uses FOPLP-PoP technology, thanks to the South Korean technology giant’s expertise in chipmaking. However, according to reports, the G2 tensor in the Pixel 7a uses a cheaper IPOP package, which has larger dimensions and generates more heat compared to the more advanced FOPLP.

The new version of Tensor G2 will probably use the new IPOP package to reduce production costs. Although such a move could reduce the final price of the Pixel 7a, the device could be significantly slower than the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and might have to deal with overheating issues.


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