Microsoft still has no plans to enter virtual reality and augmented reality games


Microsoft’s strategic position in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality games distinguishes this company from competitors such as Sony and Meta. A few months ago, Sony introduced the PlayStation VR2, which experienced an impressive initial release by selling 600,000 units in 6 weeks. Hiroki Totoki, the head of Sony, his company’s new virtual reality headset can break the total sales record of the previous version of this product, which reached 5 million units by the end of 2019. Meta also announced earlier this year that Quest 2 virtual reality headset was a very successful product with 20 million units sold.

Last year, Microsoft reviewed its position in the field of virtual reality. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s gaming and entertainment division, caused controversy in November 2019 with his comments about virtual reality technology that some have ignored. However, Spencer later made his comments more clear, praising the game industry’s discoveries in various areas, while noting that virtual reality is not Microsoft’s current focus.

Gizmochina While Microsoft’s recent stance may disappoint VR enthusiasts, it highlights the company’s commitment to the current gaming ecosystem, he writes. The goal of the technology giant from Redmond is to bring more attractive experiences to Armaghan users by focusing on expanding and improving their successful titles. However, as the virtual reality and augmented reality markets continue to evolve, Microsoft should prepare to explore these technologies; Because the aforementioned technologies will slowly but steadily gain their place in the field of gaming.

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