The possibility of participation of Nobitex users in cryptocurrency asset pools

The possibility of participation of Nobitex users in cryptocurrency asset pools


By providing liquidity to the crypto asset pool, Nobitex users can share in the potential profit of short positions while maintaining the principal of their crypto asset.

The possibility of providing liquidity from users in the participation pool is presented as one of the sub-topics of Nobitex-DiFi, which is named “NobiFi” for short. This service is another way to earn money Nobitex Is.

The participation pool is the source of liquidity for the obligation selling capability in Nobitex. In fact, the inventory of proxy users in Nobitex participation pool It is aggregated and the pool, acting as an intermediary, distributes it to the proxy users so that they can use the crypto assets in their short positions and profit from the market downtrend. The profit resulting from this process, which belongs to the attorneys, is shared with the attorneys under the condition of the attorney’s contract through a specific formula.

Participating in an asset pool is more useful for users who hold all or part of their assets and do not intend to sell them for some time and do not intend to enter into committed sales transactions, thus placing their assets in the pool. Affiliates indirectly benefit from a committed selling position entered by other users.

Currently, it is possible to use the participation pool and the ability to sell pledges for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Shiba Ino, Solana, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Polygon, Phantom, Cardano, IAS, Ave, BabyDog, Floki Ino and Tether are available in Nobitex. Gradually, it will be possible to participate in other pools.

The profit from participating in each pool will be deposited into the user’s wallet at the end of the calculation period. The possible loss in the event of an obligation sale will be the responsibility of the agent, and the agent or the same user who provided his property to the asset pool is not a party to the possible loss.

The calculation period of each contribution is one month. This period is the interval in which the calculation and allocation of profit to the proxy users is done and it starts from the beginning of each solar month and ends at the end of each solar month. If the proxy user closes his position on the opening day of the position, all profits will be his own and no share will go to the pool. But if the position is extended for the following days, the proxy’s share of profit will decrease daily and the proxy’s share will increase.

All this process is done by Nobitex and proxy users enter the amount of assets they want into the participation pool by simply pressing the NobiFi button and entering the participation pool page. Participation in Nobitex’s obligation sales pools is not subject to any fees, and users can participate in all pools without paying fees or fees. Also, the cancellation of participation in the participation pool is instantaneous by default, and if the asset is involved in sales positions, it will be done within 24 hours, and the asset will be returned to the user’s account.


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