Issuing the license of the telecommunication company was conditional on solving the problem of the pensioners and the optical fiber project


Following the issue of the rejection of Iran Telecommunication Company’s license renewal request by the Regulatory and Radio Communications Organization, Issa Zarepour also announced that “if this company does not fulfill its obligations to increase the quality of the network, we see no reason to renew this company’s license.” This issue caused the conflicts between the Ministry of Communications and the Iranian Telecommunications Company to increase.

Of course, as Zarepour also said that if the telecommunication company provides the necessary guarantees to improve the quality of its network and improve service to the people, we are ready to give a license to this company in a new format. , has also announced:

“Regarding all the things mentioned in the letter, such as changing the status of veterans and the demands of retirees and the fiber optic project of business houses, we have given time until July 27 for the telecommunications company to determine the status of the permit, and it has already been agreed and they are taking time around the clock, and we hope until July 27 We will present its extension in July.”

The issue of the demands of the telecommunication company retirees was one of the cases that the Ministry of Communications had already entered and was trying to solve. In addition, one of the constant complaints of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology from Iran Telecommunication Company is the non-cooperation of this company in the optical fiber project. In this regard, the Minister of Communications said:

“Currently, our main and central project is the optical fiber plan for homes and businesses, which eight operators have started working on; But the telecommunication company has not yet taken action.”

Therefore, these two issues have become the main dispute between the ministry and telecommunications. Although the Minister of Communications had also pointed out that complaints about the telephone and fixed internet status of the telecommunications company are at the top of the public complaints registered in the 195 system and this issue is also effective in rejecting the company’s license application, but apparently this agreement between the ministry Communications and Iran Telecommunication Company have agreed that if the problem of pensioners’ demands is resolved and the company cooperates in the optical fiber project for homes and businesses, the problem of not issuing a license will be resolved.

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