The Pixel 8 series will likely come with a larger battery and faster charging than the previous generation

Google Pixel 8 will be equipped with a 4485 mAh battery instead of the 4270 mAh battery of the previous generation. The Pro model of this phone will use a 4950 mAh battery instead of a 4926 mAh battery.

Wi-Fi 7 support

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series were released with Wi-Fi 6E standard; But we expect Google to equip the Pixel 8 series with Wi-Fi 7; Of course, this news has not been officially confirmed yet.

Other features

Ultra WideBand or UWB capability is a relatively new wireless technology that allows for very precise distance measurements between different devices. For example, Apple’s Airtags use this technology to direct UWB-equipped iPhones to their location.

Google first introduced UWB in the Pixel 6 Pro and has retained this feature in the Pixel 7 Pro. Now it is said that the Pro Pixel 8 model will be available to customers with this feature.

According to Google’s official documents, the company sells its Pixel devices in 17 countries around the world, which is a far cry from other smartphone manufacturers. For example, Apple products are officially sold in 139 countries; So, it might be a bit difficult for people living in small countries to access the new Pixel phones.

Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Portugal are among the countries that are expected to officially see the sale of the Pixel 8 series.

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