Microsoft CEO: Artificial intelligence is not a threat to the human race

Microsoft CEO: Artificial intelligence is not a threat to the human race


Brad Smiththe head of Microsoft, in an interview with Euronews He said that he believes that artificial intelligence is not a threat to mankind; However, humans must be in control of the necessary security systems. “We need security brakes to ensure that AI remains under human control,” Smith said.

Smith believes that humans have the ability to control artificial intelligence and should start working now. According to Smith, we need to develop multi-layered security systems to keep AI under control at all times: “I think if we do this well, we will understand that AI is not an existential threat.”

Brad Smith made these statements during a trip to Europe. The European Union has introduced the artificial intelligence bill for the first time in the world, and various European institutions are currently discussing this important issue. The artificial intelligence bill was first approved by the European Parliament earlier this month.

Smith says Microsoft has benefited from EU rules; But when it comes to global governance, greater cooperation is needed to make sure AI doesn’t get out of control. The CEO of Microsoft believes that governments should come together and legislate in this field.


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