The next generation of Nvidia processors with a new architecture will be introduced in 2025

At a press conference, Nvidia shared an updated roadmap detailing its next-generation products, including replacing Geforce RTX 40 processors with the Ada Lovelace architecture and some of the graphics cards available for gaming.

According to Nvidia’s roadmap, the next generation of graphics cards of this company with a new architecture will be released in 2025. If the company continues with its current naming scheme, the next generation of GeForce products should be launched as the Geforce RTX 50 series.

to report Tom’s Hardware, Nvidia has not yet revealed the code name of the graphics cards with the alternative architecture of Ada Lovelace, but some believe that their code name will be Blackwell, the architecture of the next generation of Nvidia processors. Of course, there is also a possibility that Blackwell will be the successor of the Hopper architecture, which Nvidia has introduced as Hopper Next in its roadmap.

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