A former Samsung employee was accused of stealing trade secrets


A former Samsung employee has been accused of leaking trade secrets to rival companies, and South Korean prosecutors have filed criminal charges against him. According to the court case, this person was trying to use the stolen information to support Foxconn’s chip manufacturing project in China.

written by Gizmochinaerrant Samsung employee, Choi Jinseoogis called He apparently owns a company called Jin Semiconductor, which signed a deal with Foxconn in 2018. After collecting trade secrets through Samsung’s supplier network, Jinseoog intended to exploit this information.

Jinseoog has recruited a large number of employees of Samsung and its affiliates to illegally collect information. He has received a complete map of one of Samsung’s factories through one of the company’s employees.

Fard Khati’s lawyer says that the factories that South Korean prosecutors are talking about were never built. Currently, the court case does not mention Foxconn as an accomplice and the company is cleared of charges.

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