The new feature of Galaxy Watch can save your life!

The new feature of Galaxy Watch can save your life!


The Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) feature, using an electrocardiogram (ECG) test, allows smartwatch owners to continuously monitor their heart rhythm and receive alerts if any irregularities are detected. This feature is very beneficial for people who have a history of heart disease; Also, this feature allows people with cardiovascular problems to easily monitor the health of their cardiovascular system and minimize the possibility of problems such as stroke, heart failure and other cardiovascular problems.

Samsung Health’s health monitoring software now monitors other health parameters like skin temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. In general, this software provides a general summary of the health status to the user. Of course, it should be noted that such software is not supposed to be a substitute for health diagnosis by a specialist doctor; Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to always consult a specialist doctor.


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