Identify AI-generated photos with this free app

Identify AI-generated photos with this free app


The creators of AI or Not say that the technology used in this program is the smartest content recognition engine for Web 3 and claims to be able to identify images created using artificial intelligence tools such as Stable Deffusion, Midjourney, Dall-E or GAN.

Optic, the company behind AI or Not, says: “Our app is a web service that helps users recognize photos made with artificial intelligence quickly and with high accuracy. If the image was generated with artificial intelligence, our service will also identify the artificial intelligence model used.”

Our mission is to bring transparency to blockchain media so that everyone can better understand their creative and economic potential.

written by petapixel, AI or Not is very easy to use. Anyone can upload an image or provide a link to the desired image, and the artificial intelligence of this program will show the result to the user in just a few seconds.

Optic says AI or Not uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze images and then determine whether or not they were created by artificial intelligence.

In part of its description, Optic says: “Our service compares the input image with patterns, artifacts and features of various artificial intelligence models and images created by humans and identifies its source.”

The AI ​​or Not program helps users identify images created with artificial intelligence, and this feature, especially in challenging cases, can help prevent fraud or possible abuse of content created with artificial intelligence.


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