The most colorful and polished works of the winner of the “Photography of Colors” 2023 competition

Can you imagine a world devoid of vibrant colors where the essence of life is muted and dulled?

The rich and diverse palette of colors gives depth and elegance to our being. Colors are an omnipresent presence in our daily lives, their influence often subtle and subtle yet profoundly impactful. Countless studies have shed light on the remarkable capacity of colors to convey a wide range of emotions, shape our moods, and even influence our cognitive processes.

It is no wonder that photographers are constantly drawn to the realm of color, as they are well aware of the profound importance of color in their art; For this reason, the 35th issue of AAP magazine is dedicated to celebrating colors.

Twenty-five photographers, most of them women, from nine different countries on three different continents have been selected as winners in AAP magazine’s “Colors” photography competition. Their color palette brings cultural diversity and a different artistic point of view. Bold, vibrant, as well as pastel or even monochromatic, but each time their conscious choice adds to the aesthetic appeal of the photo and conveys sensory pleasure.

Stay with Zoomit to see the pictures of the winners of the 2023 Colors Photography Competition.

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