Analysts proved: MacBook Pro M3 with 8GB RAM is not worth buying

Also, the Blender beam tracking accelerator was available as an option on the 16GB model; But this option was not available on the 8GB MacBook Pro while performing the same operation. The reason for this is that reducing the amount of RAM actually prevents the GPU cores from taking advantage of these features in the 8GB model.

The results of these tests can be disappointing for customers looking to buy a new MacBook Pro or iMac with 8GB of RAM. Choosing options with 16GB or 24GB of RAM costs $200 and $400, respectively, and Apple devices cannot be upgraded in the future due to their integrated RAM structure.

Perhaps more interestingly, competing laptops at similar prices (such as Microsoft laptops or Lenovo Thinkpad laptops) have at least 16GB of RAM as standard. Meanwhile, Apple customers must pay at least $200 to Apple for any type of upgrade

Is Apple’s 8GB entry-level configuration for the $1,599 MacBook Pro in 2023 really worth it? Share your views with us.

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