The Minister of Communications denied monitoring information on messengers

Mehr reported that Issa Zarepour said yesterday in one of the native messengers, in response to a user’s question about the monitoring of people’s information in messengers: “This news that people’s information is monitored by messengers is not true. According to the laws of the country as well as the fatwa of the Supreme Leader, the information of people in messengers is part of their privacy.

The provision of people’s data to institutions was one of the most important concerns that arose since the filtering of foreign messengers and the government’s emphasis on the use of domestic platforms. The issue that forced many people not to go to internal messengers and social networks and prefer to connect to external examples with the effort and expense of VPN.

In response to this concern, the Ministry of Communications has repeatedly emphasized that it will protect people’s data and announced the approval of the Personal Data Protection Bill in the Cabinet.

But the seventh development plan is contrary to the statements of this ministry. In Article 75, Paragraph B, under the pretext of “future research of lifestyle trends in Iranian society”, this program obliges executive bodies and databases to provide continuous and comprehensive data online to the people’s lifestyle monitoring system.

The Ministry of Guidance and the Statistics Center have also been entrusted with the establishment of the system of “observation, monitoring and continuous measurement of indicators of public culture and people’s lifestyle”.

Observation, monitoring and measurement of data is done in all databases, that is, platforms, messengers and virtual space businesses are also obliged to provide data. In his recent statement, Zarepour said that the monitoring of people’s information in messengers is not true, but he did not name other platforms and cyberspace businesses. This answer cannot address people’s concerns about their data online.

In order to show its will in the field of protecting people’s data, the Ministry of Communications needs more serious reactions and practical measures regarding Article 75 of the 7th Development Plan, because this article will end up harming the Ministry’s efforts to trust internal cyberspace platforms. .

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