Instagram Threads is coming soon to crush Twitter

Instagram Threads is coming soon to crush Twitter


The App Store’s description of Instagram Threads reads: “With Threads, talk more; Instagram text based conversation application. “Treads is where communities come together to talk about everything from the topics you care about today to the things that will be trending tomorrow.”

“Whatever your interests, you can follow and connect directly with your favorite creators and other people who are interested in the same things,” Instagram continues in the App Store description. You can also build a loyal following and share your ideas, opinions and innovations with the world.”

The published screenshots show that you can log in to Trades using your Instagram username. You can also find the accounts you follow on Instagram in the new application. The user interface of Instagram Trades has the same functionality as Twitter, Mostodan and Bluesky.

The fact that Threads is published on July 15 does not necessarily mean that you can start posting on the same date. May gradually make the Meta application of Trades available to users.


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