The magic of mathematical science in making Sphere Las Vegas; The largest spherical structure in the world

This $2.3 billion structure belongs to the Madison Square Garden Company and is used for concerts, movie screenings, and sporting events, including boxing and mixed martial arts. It was designed by the Populous architecture company, whose portfolio includes the construction of the Super Bowl and the World Cup.

You may have wondered what the secrets are behind the construction of this amazing structure, which its operations manager describes as the “showroom of the future.” To design Sphere from several math formula It has been used, some of which are as old as several centuries, and others have come out of the technology and engineering of the 22nd century.

In the following, you will get to know some of these mathematical formulas and laws that played a role in the construction of this spherical stadium, so that you can understand the power of mathematics in realizing seemingly unattainable dreams.

With the help of this very simple formula, the engineers of Populous architecture company calculated the area of ​​the outermost layer of the sphere, which is covered by 53884 square meters of LED display. According to the builders, this spherical stadium is similar to an innovative and creative canvas that is so big and bright that it can be seen from space!

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