TenCoin and two other digital currencies were listed on Nobitex

TenCoin and two other digital currencies were listed on Nobitex


TenCoin digital currency

TenCoin is an open-layer decentralized blockchain that was developed by Telegram in 2017. The managers of Telegram planned to enter the blockchain and digital currencies industry with this project and managed to attract more than 1.7 billion dollars of capital in the same year with one of the most successful IPOs of digital currencies.

Telegram planned to use this capital to launch the Telegram Open Network project, or TON for short, with the native Gram token. But when the United States Securities and Exchange Organization (SEC) entered into this issue and this organization complained about Telegram, the TON project was completely stopped and Telegram was forced to return the capital of all investors.

But in 2020, a group of TenCoin supporters who called themselves the Ten Foundation continued to work on the project. Of course, a number of Telegram developers also worked independently on the project.

With the renaming of the Telegram Open Network project to The Open Network, the TenCoin blockchain and token officially started working with a new identity. Of course, Telegram also supports it by using TonCoin or TonCoin in payments within the Telegram messenger. TenCoin users can use this cryptocurrency to do things like buying user IDs and special subscriptions in the Telegram messenger.

In addition to being dependent on the general trend of the digital currency market, the price of TenCoin can also be affected by the development of Telegram messengers. Since the most important use of Ton is to use it on the Telegram platform to buy and sell IDs, premium subscriptions and other things, it can be predicted that the increase in Telegram users and messenger facilities can have a significant impact on the future price of Ton Coin.

One of the features of TON COIN is fast processing and high speed validation of transactions. This feature allows the project to grow quickly and avoids performance degradation. At the same time, this project does not harm the environment.

Now possible Buy tons of coins And its sale is provided in Riyal and Tetri markets of Nobitex exchange through purchase in Fimet Bazaar or placing an order. The highest price that this cryptocurrency experienced was $4.5 and it is currently trading in the price range of $1.35.

Digital currency of the protocol

Protocol Band is a multi-chain oracle that collects real-world data and feeds it into blockchains and smart contracts. Digital currency is a native token of Oracle Band protocol and is used in intranet payments of this protocol. Individuals or organizations that intend to act as data supply nodes in this protocol must lock a certain number of currency bands in this protocol. Also, all rewards that are paid to nodes in the protocol are in the form of currency. Purchase and sale of items It is also possible in Riyal and Tetri Nobitex markets.

The main use of the protocol clause is to provide data needed for DeFi platforms, including data related to the price of cryptocurrencies.

DeFi is called decentralized financial services, and it is actually a collection of practical applications for conducting decentralized financial affairs. In order for DeFi smart contracts to work properly, information from outside the blockchain space must be entered into these contracts. But due to the decentralized nature of DeFi, it is not possible to enter this data directly through centralized sites and exchanges that provide price information. To solve this problem, platforms have emerged that collect data in a decentralized manner and enter smart contracts. These platforms are called oracles.

Protocol Band is one of these Oracle platforms that was created on the platform of the Cosmas blockchain. Cosmas is a system of interconnected blockchains, and the projects built in this system are compatible with other blockchains, including Ethereum.

High speed, scalability, cross-chain compatibility and flexibility are among the most important features of Band digital currency.

Canox Finance digital currency

With practical innovations, the DiFi market has been able to provide special facilities where users can manage and grow their asset portfolio. Among them, one of the most popular methods to achieve profit is locking assets in yield farming protocols. Convex Finance is a leading platform in the field of providing liquidity and obtaining maximum profit from the Curve Finance exchange, which is also built on the protocol of this exchange.

Basically, the main goal of Canox Finance is to increase the reward (cultivation of profit) to those people who provide the liquidity of the CRV Finance platform and also stake or invest the CRV currency. More precisely, if the holders of CRV currency, as well as the providers of the liquidity of Crow, carry out these activities through Canox Finance, they will also be rewarded with CRV currency.

The native token of the Canox Finance ecosystem is the Canox Finance digital currency with the same CVX, which was created in 2021 by people with an anonymous identity.

Canox Finance digital currency can be found in various reputable exchanges. Therefore, decentralized Ethereum exchanges or centralized exchanges can be used to buy and sell this cryptocurrency. Also buying and selling Canox Finance digital currency It has become possible in Nobitex and users can trade this cryptocurrency in Rial and Tetri markets of Nobitex. This cryptocurrency is currently trading in the price range of $3.97, but it has also touched the price of $50 in its price history.

Since Canox Finance is related to Curve Finance exchange, the future and price success of CVX cryptocurrency can be related to the success of Curve Finance exchange. Crow Finance has been successful among the DeFi exchanges and has a huge amount of capital locked up in it, so it can be expected that people will want to maximize their profits with the help of Canox Finance’s innovation. Therefore, it is conceivable that requests will increase due to the supply and demand for Canox Finance (CVX) cryptocurrency, and this will strengthen the possibility of its price growth.


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