The longest warranty period of LG monitor with pendulum warranty

In a good event in the country’s hardware market, it is no longer necessary to buy LG monitors with a different and short-term warranty, because from now on the well-known and reliable company Awang supports your choice. Awang guarantees LG monitors more than any other company, which even reaches 40 months! Read more information in the rest of this article.

The monitor is one of the main components of any computer and is almost as important as the case, so it should have a valid and long-term warranty that you can count on.

Up to 40 months warranty for LG monitors

LG is one of the most popular monitor brands in the world, which has high sales in Iran as well. However, in a big event, the Pendulum company is offering LG monitors with its well-known warranty so that buyers’ minds are more at ease than ever before. Not only does Awang have reliable after-sales service centers across the country, but it also offers the longest warranty for LG monitors.

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