Creator of Twitter: We wanted a flying car; We got a bunch of Twitter copies!

Creator of Twitter: We wanted a flying car;  We got a bunch of Twitter copies!


Criticism Dorsey Actually a reply to the post Andy Allenfounder of the Not Boring app, shared an image of various social media platforms with the caption, “I have to say it seems like we’ve missed an opportunity to reinvent social media.”

The image published on the Twitter account Alan It refers to the great similarity of the user interface of various social networks such as Mastodon, Twitter, Trades and Bluesky.

Of course, users in response to Dorseychallenged his criticism of Trades and pointed to the launch of BlueSky, which itself is a Twitter-like platform. Dorsey He replied: “It is not so; “BlueSky is a protocol that Twitter can build on and just addresses some of the limitations and overhead.”

Elon Musk, the current owner of Twitter responded to Dorsey’s tweet by posting a smiley face. The famous billion also before Dorsey He had openly raised his problem with Trades.

Mask He has threatened to Mark Zuckerbergis taking Meta’s CEO to court for setting up Trades and illegally using Twitter’s trade secrets.

As Business Insider He points out, there is currently a wave of excitement around Trades; So that only during the initial hours of launch, more than 10 million people registered in it. Of course, one of the most important reasons for the rapid growth of the Trades user community is its direct link to Instagram, which has about two billion monthly active users.


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