The latest news of the 1402 used car replacement plan

The latest news of the 1402 used car replacement plan


The increase in the rate of inflation and the increase in car prices in the last few years have made it impossible for many people to buy a new car or update their car. This issue causes people to have more old and multi-year cars, which are both expensive to use and constantly put repair costs on the hands of their owners, and are harmful to the environment.

Cars that are years old and worn out cause air pollution and consume a lot of gasoline. In addition to private cars, this also applies to public transportation, including taxis and buses. Due to the fact that these cars are used permanently and every day, they wear out sooner. Buying a new car or replacing these taxis and buses with new models should be done by the government and the municipality, and this is why there are always a large number of worn-out public transportation in the city.

In order to organize this situation and renovate personal and non-personal cars, the government has put a plan to change or replace worn-out cars in order to help reduce pollution and reduce gasoline consumption of vehicles and save fuel.

In this article, we are going to explain the latest news and information about the used car replacement plan. We will tell you what this plan is, what are its conditions and how you can apply for this plan.

What is the used car replacement plan?

As we explained, the replacement plan for used cars is the government’s idea to replace used cars with new cars. This plan has environmental goals and the purpose of its implementation is to have high-quality cars in the city so that we have healthier air and less fuel is consumed.

Due to the fact that not all sections of the society have the ability to change a car or buy a new car, the government has considered the scheme of replacing a used car to help some people in the society to replace their old car with a high-quality car. Keep in mind that vehicles that do not replace after reaching the age of wear and tear will be fined on a daily basis.

This plan has undergone many changes since its implementation until today and has made differences compared to what was supposed to be in the beginning. For example, it was intended to provide loans and facilities to the owners of used cars to replace their old and used cars with a new and high-quality car.

This plan is currently not implemented and for the year 1402, no loan will be provided to the applicants to replace the worn out car. The only scheme that exists to help replace the used car is the replacement plan, in which the owners of the used car and the applicant for its replacement can hand over their car and receive a new car as a replacement. Of course, depending on the car they choose, these applicants must pay the price difference between their used car and the replacement car.

Of course, this replacement and being included in the worn out car replacement plan has conditions. One of the conditions is the age of the car, which we will discuss in the next section.

How old is the wear and tear of different cars?

Not every car can be included in the replacement plan. In order for a car to be included in this plan, the first condition is that the car has reached its end of life. Currently, it is said that the age of wear and tear for passenger cars is about 20 years, and the cars that were built in 2005 and before are included in the worn out car replacement plan.

The exact age of wear and tear of different cars is as follows:

  • Depreciation age of passenger cars: 20 years
  • Depreciation age of government rides: 15 years
  • Depreciation age of taxi cars: 10 years
  • Depreciation age of city bus: 10 years
  • Depreciation age of suburban buses: 15 years
  • Depreciation age of minibus cars: 15 years
  • Van wear age: 15 years
  • Depreciation age of the truck: 25 years
  • Motorcycle wear age: 10 years

A few tips can increase the wear life of cars. The first point is that 5 years will be added to the lifespan of intra-city and inter-city buses if they completely rebuild the engine or the body. The second point is about taxis, if they replace the car catalyst and exhaust system, one year will be added to their wear and tear age. Connecting a standard soot purifier to diesel cars will extend the life of these cars by 2 years.

If your car has reached the end of its useful life and you want to replace your old car with a new car using the old car replacement plan, it is necessary to follow the conditions set by the government for this plan, as well as how to use the plans of Iran Khodro and Saipa companies. Know to change the car.

General conditions for registration in the used car replacement scheme

The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, regardless of the conditions that car manufacturers consider for the worn-out car replacement plan, has determined some general conditions that applicants can register in this plan only if they meet them. These conditions are:

  • The applicant must have a valid certificate
  • The applicant must have 100 million Tomans in his proxy account
  • Used car must be at least 1385 model or earlier
  • 48 months (four years) have passed since the last purchase of a car by the applicant from automobile companies
  • The license plate and vehicle document must be in the applicant’s name; Power of attorney is not accepted
  • Participation in this plan is only for natural persons and legal entities cannot participate in this plan

If the applicant has another active license plate in his name, it will not cause any problem to register in the used car replacement plan and this issue will not have any limitations. In addition, Iran Khodro Company, as one of the country’s automobile companies, has considered some other conditions for this plan, which will be explained in detail below.

Terms of registration in Iran Khodro used car exchange scheme

In addition to the conditions set by the Ministry of Security for this plan, Iran Khodro has several other conditions in mind for the plan to replace or replace the worn-out car, and applicants can apply for this plan only if they meet these conditions. Have the plan and register to participate in its lottery. These conditions are listed below:

  • Each national code will be allowed to receive one vehicle; Participants who have registered and paid for a circular cannot participate in concurrent or subsequent schemes.
  • The mobile phone number registered in the registration must be in the applicant’s name.
  • Selected participants in the lottery of this plan are not allowed to transfer the points and related rights to third parties.
  • Selected candidates must enter the representative code of their province of residence when making a deposit.

Iran Khodro has also stated that people who take delivery of their car must visit the company for service of their car within five months after the date of delivery or after traveling a distance of 1000 km. Otherwise, the car warranty will be voided and the customer will not have any rights.

Documents required for registration in the used car replacement plan

In order to register for the worn-out car replacement plan to participate in the lottery, it is necessary to write your name in the car integrated system and provide documents. These documents are:

  • The document of your used car that you intend to exchange
  • All vehicle documents, including municipal duties, taxes and delinquent payments
  • Registering all car information such as color, chassis number, etc. in the system

We will also fully introduce the integrated system of car sales under the explanation of the registration process.

Time to register and participate in the car exchange plan

It is possible to register in the worn-out car replacement plan, like other plans related to car registration, in a certain period of time. This time frame is not predetermined; Therefore, it is necessary to follow the website of automobile companies, the integrated car sales system, and also the news of the news agencies in order to know the deadline for registration in this plan.

Also, keep in mind that the number of cars allocated to the used car trade-in scheme is limited and therefore these cars are allocated through a lottery among applicants. Therefore, it is necessary to register in the integrated car sales system in order to participate in the lottery if you meet the necessary conditions and verify your documents.

If the applicants registered in this scheme win the lottery and are selected, they can hand over their car and receive a new car according to the rules. It should be noted that the applicant is required to pay the difference in the price of the new car according to the price of the used car.

Registration procedures in the integrated car sales system

Now that you are familiar with the terms of the worn out car replacement plan, it is necessary to register in this plan after completing the mentioned documents. Registration to participate in the lottery of this plan is done online only and has steps that we have explained to you in the following process. Of course, keep in mind that it is not possible to register for this plan at the moment, but whenever a new deadline for registration is announced, you can follow the steps that we have explained below.

To register for the used car replacement plan, enter first Integrated car sales system Go to and register in this system before registering your name in the used car exchange plan.


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